Blood of the sire


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Mayline Relix, age 19, was murdered. At least, she considered herself murdered. Granted her heart was still beating, but only one beat per minute. And her brain was still working, if a bit consumed by her hatred. She was technically immortal, but only because she was now half human, if even that much. And she had him to blame. Her Sire. The one she hunted.

Mayline Relix has been a half-Vampire, a Raceling, for five years. Each day of her new life has been filled with fighting. Fighting her nature, fighting her instincts, fighting in a war, and fighting the Call of her Sire. She is Hell-bent on revenge and will stop at nothing to achieve it, even if she has to suffer Damnation.

But as her fellow Racelings are fighting a war on two fronts, can she set aside her vengeance to think clearly for the cause? Or will she be consumed by the Hellfire in her veins?


about the book

Blood of the Sire is Nelson’s first long term project to come to fruition. It has undergone numerous , edits, adjustments, and breakdowns. Mayline and her friends have seen more tears from Nelson than any other story in her rather large archive. However, on the verge of giving up entirely, Nelson’s best friend pushed for more.

“I want to know what happens next.”

Those words became a mantra of sorts for Nelson as she learned how to write like a professional. She knew the end of the story, but even she wanted to know what happened next. So she started writing without an outline, wanting to see where the characters took their own lives outside of her mind. It took many years, nearly a decade of writing on and off, but Nelson was finally satisfied with beginning of Mayline’s story.

And she can’t wait to see what happens next.